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Press Quotes

The classics made relevant with superb acting and clever staging.
— The New Yorker
An extraordinarily inventive and disciplined outfit...
— The New York Times
Aquila’s productions are beautifully spoken, dramatically revealing and crystalline in effect.
— The New Yorker
... a classically trained, modernly hip troupe...
— The New York Times
...this particular blocking suggests something deeper, more mysterious than an artists and his muse: the father-daughter relationship.” (Aquila Theatre’s The Tempest)
— Eric Minton
The Aquila Theatre brings intelligence and laser-sharp line reading to this eminently enjoyable modern-dress take on Shakespeare’s comedy.
— The LA Times Critics Choice
Professional theater companies that focus almost exclusively on the classical Greek drama are rare, and there are few among them that can mount productions with the iconoclastic and high-voltage energy of the Aquila Theatre Company and will win praise from critics and scholars alike.
— The New York Times
...making Shakespeare relevant and accessible to today’s audiences.
— The Bermuda Sun
Takes the classics off their pedestals and presents them as live action, flesh and blood adventures.
— Dramatics Magazine of the most inventive and daring theater companies in the country.
— The Lincoln Journal Star
Aquila ‘changes the perceptions of classical drama by freeing the spirit of the original text’ for modern audiences.
— Times Daily

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